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IM development

Innovation Movement

That the automotive industry reaches "a large turning point" said once in 100 years and survives this time as Matsuda Electric,
I raised a new department.
          ⇒Innovation to bring socially big value.
    ⇒With enthusiasm, I am active continuously.
I take the initial mentioned above and perform a project and the reform that rolled up the whole office as IM Development Department.

Project activities

As a project in the company, I am divided into six teams and am active.
①Cost management project
・Construction of the cost management system
②System data analysis project
・Construction (cost management, cooperation with IoT) of the core computer system
・AI development by the university-industry research collaboration
③IoT project
・Company-type IoT presents stability of becoming it
・Solution tool development
④Is automatic; a project
・It is automatic and provides it and introduces it
・It is effectively utilized the image processing technology
⑤Robotics project
・Robot introduction (accumulation of the know-how)
・Of the multifunctional robot effectively utilize (automatic action cooperation with becoming it)
⑥NC-Factory project
・The occupancy rate of NC facilities improves
・Rationalization of the straight artisan ground

Robot /IoT introduction example

①Cell line of a person and the robot coexistence type
②Put 3D robot vision camera and a robot together; is automatic, and provide it
③Inflection of the IoT panel made in the company which planned improvement of quality and the productivity
Matsuda Electric industry place
Ushiyamacho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi character offing relation 3030

Various switch production

Die production

Line facilities design and fabrication

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