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With a customer

We offer high-quality product and service to the customer.
We always promote cost price reduction to offer a product at an appropriate price.
I take in what a customer expects sensitively, and I always stand in the situation of the customer, and a thought acts.
※We offer high-quality product and service to the customer.
※We always promote cost price reduction to offer a product at an appropriate price.

With a customer of the Matsuda Electric

Our customer is a car manufacturer and an associated product manufacturer.
I have our electric equipment parts become a part of the motor parts, and the customer of consumers spend it.
Was supported by high production technology; "is high quality; a customer is satisfied by sending a product with a feeling of value", and want to be useful for Great Society through the product of the customer widely.

For the satisfaction of the customer

I am thinking that the origin of the manufacturing is for "originality and the invention" since its formation. I make full use of company facilities for the mind that is sincere, and takes the requirements of the customer, and is settled one by one and always try for improvement of the customer satisfaction.
Approach to a guarantee of quality
I acquire "ISO9001, 2000 certification" and perform thorough quality control.
In addition, I utilize the technique such as PFMEA or the QA network in a production preliminary stage, and standard thorough observance and prevention of recurrence are active by promotion, the daily living activity of the poor activity to prevent and act for the making of better quality.
Communalization of the information and quick measures
I hold "a standing meeting" every morning and plan communalization of the daily quality situation and always try for the latest information grasp from the top to the end. In addition, I perform inspection by "the field, the spot eyewitnesses it", moat ri bottom geo of the cause by "the analysis that is why that is why" by all the attendants participation and act for cause analysis.
Prevention of thorough recurrence
I hold "office, supplier study party" regularly and perform the communalization of problems and exchange of opinions and I wrestle in solidarity and always act as confirmation, stability development of examination, the effect of effective measures for quality improvement.
I react to "the voice of the customer" quickly
I issue "quality information" with information acquisition and develop information in an associated department, supplier in the company and act as certain communication and speed to making it it. In addition, I work on satisfaction improvement based on an evaluation result to be satisfied with the request of the customer by two times a year of "customer satisfaction investigations".
The thorough cost cut that I gave priority to quality over again
I hold "VE, VA study meeting" regularly and work on the cost reduction at the parts level.
By contracted "TPS promotion team," I perform work improvement and do thorough exclusion of "unreasonableness irregularity waste" and, with the making of process that is kind to a worker, wrestle for the cost cut of parts.
Matsuda Electric industry place
Ushiyamacho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi character offing relation 3030

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