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Management philosophy

Because the company's product, service plays an active part in various places, we Matsuda Electric industry place shines,
An employee and a customer continue being existence to brighten society in its turn.

Action guideline

1.I have a heart of the altruism
As well as the loss and gain calculation to oneself, I do not always forget feelings to be considerate of a partner
2.I open a network
I learn from the connection of the length and breadth slant by opening a network and value the making of relations that can work together in competition
3.I enjoy an inventive idea
Because because they enjoy an inventive idea, the good suggestion and improvement are born,
I work on work without being afraid of change surukoto, a thing suggesting
4.I do a feeling, ko, motion far and away
I aim at the person laying added value
※I take an initial of "I sense it sensitively and think deeply and put it into an action"
5.I see it with eyes, worm's-eye view, the corn of the bird
It rises in the viewpoint of the manager, and, with the person concerned awareness, things come to be thought about
Matsuda Electric industry place
Ushiyamacho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi character offing relation 3030

Various switch production

Die production

Line facilities design and fabrication

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